Terms and conditions

User terms- 100B


These general terms and conditions constitute the terms and conditions that apply to the use of 100B. By ticking "accept terms of use" you accept and accept these general terms.


 1. Acceptance of terms and change of terms

The service is provided by 100B AB, (Org.nr: 559338-5171) which is further in this agreement referred to as 100B. The user is responsible for reviewing the terms. By purchasing, you certify that the personal information you provide is true and correct.

2. Validity

By making a purchase via 100B AB's website, the following agreement between the customer (you) and 100B is binding.

 3. Consumer Services Act

Your order is covered by the Consumer Services Act(konsumenttjänstlagen). We guarantee that the work is carried out professionally.

4. Ordering

When you have completed your order, the order confirmation and shipping ticket will be sent to your e-mail address. The confirmation works as a receipt and there you will find information about product, price, shipping service, billing and delivery address. If there is any error in the order confirmation, you must contact us immediately by e-mail. It is your responsibility to ensure that the e-mail address is filled in correctly and to check the order confirmation for any errors.

5. Prices

All prices on 100B.se and in these Purchase Terms are stated in SEK and include 12 percent VAT. We reserve the right to change prices, errors in prices and reserve the right to adjust the price.

6. Delivery 

Your garments are not insured and you will not receive compensation from us or PostNord if they disappear along the way. If your shipment disappears along the way, we will help you to search for the shipment by making a complaint to Postnord.

6.1 Delivery of goods sent to us

Our handling of your order is counted as commenced when the shipping company has scanned the shipment as delivered to us or any subcontractor. This is in accordance with § 6 of the Consumer Purchase Act (1990: 932) (§ 6 i Konsumentköplagen (1990:932).

6.2 Delivery after performed 100B

Our normal delivery time is 14 days from the time we receive the shipment from you. However, this can vary depending on the workload and that we optimize our batch sizes to save the environment. We activate your order the same day we receive the shipment and send an email to you with the heading "Your Jeans have been received - 100B".

The shipment is then sent back to you. These packages go to the agent who is closest to the address specified when ordering, we constantly optimize our costs so you get the most attractive price possible. The choice of shipping agent can vary.

We do not take responsibility for lost packages if the specified telephone number or address information does not belong to the customer or is incorrectly stated.

Should delays in delivery occur without us notifying you of a longer delivery time, you are welcome to contact us. Please note that 100B is not responsible for any delays, damages or lost shipments caused by the current shipping company.

7. Warranty

The color of 100B is comparable to new Jeans. As in any type of surface treatment, the preparation is important. As the Jeans that go in our process are used, there are different conditions for different parts of the pants. Grease stains, paint residue, or other chemicals can make a difference in hue. The 100B jeans may dry stain, like new jeans.

8. Right of withdrawal & Return policy

 In accordance with the Act on Distance Contracts and Contracts Outside Business Premises ( lagen om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler (DAL 2005: 59)), the consumer has, as a general rule, a right of withdrawal. The service is considered started when the order has been submitted to an shipping service point or directly to us.

8.1 The right of withdrawal does not apply;
  • Companies.
  • Services that have been started and where you have expressly agreed to the service being started without the right of withdrawal.

9 Complaints

9.1 Quality control

We check all products before sending them to you.

You must always contact us for an approval before returning a defective item.

9.2 Complaints

Should you not be satisfied, you as a consumer have, as a general rule, the right to complain about a product for three years. The error must be reported as soon as possible after the error is discovered. 100B has the burden of proof for the defect during the warranty period, after which the burden of proof shifts to you as a customer to prove that the defect arose as a result of a faulty service of 100B. You must provide notice that the product is defective and how it is defective or that there is a delay in an appropriate manner.

For complaints, we ask you to send an e-mail to hello@100b.se to describe your case. Each case is assessed individually, the highest possible compensation is an additional round in 100B. In the event of a complaint about shipping or freight forwarder service, you undertake in accordance with this agreement to contact the freight forwarder.

We reserve the right to refuse a complaint if it turns out that our work has been carried out correctly in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. In the event of complaints, we follow guidelines from the General Complaints Board(Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden), see www.arn.se.

10 Limitation of liability

 In the event of war, natural disaster, fire, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery of subcontractors, costly circumstances, and comparable event (force majeure) beyond our control which could not be reasonably foreseen and affects agreements entered into and commitments from 100B, which means that 100B cannot keep the said agreement / commitment, 100B shall be released from its obligations to fulfill the said agreement.

In general, no responsibility is taken for any changes to products or product properties that have been changed by the respective supplier and other factors beyond our control.

11 Using the Service

When buying and shipping goods to 100B, you as a customer are responsible for:

    • The packaging of the goods is tightly sealed in a plastic material
    • Clothes are dry
    • The pockets are empty
    • The structure of the textiles is made of cellulose-based material
    • Buttons are closed
    • Zippers are closed

When buying and shipping goods to 100B, you as a customer understand that:

    • The textiles go through a water-based process at 60 ° C
    • Any leather labels may change shape and color
    • Holes and other defects may increase in size
    • Some types of stains can cause local defects in color intensity
    • Stains caused by acid, battery acid, etc. will cause holes in the textiles
    • The quality label 100B will be discreetly sewn on your product


12 Personal data

100B processes personal data by storing and processing them in order to fulfill and provide the service. The personal information may also be used for information and marketing of 100B's own products and services. Customer has the right to request correction of any incorrect or changed information at any time. The customer may in writing oppose the processing of personal data for marketing purposes and the data is then blocked from such use.

13 Choice of law and dispute

Swedish law applies to this user agreement. Any dispute or dispute in connection with the use of the service shall be decided exclusively by the Swedish court. If the user uses the service from a country other than Sweden, it is the user's own responsibility that the service is compatible with the law of that country.