A new kind of service

Did you ever have a favorite pair of black jeans? The pair that fit you perfectly, crisp and black? Did you obsess over keeping them like that? I did, but no matter how hard I tried, the color started to fade after a while. It began with the seams on the side and around the back pocket. Then, after a while, phone marks started to appear on the right front pocket. After that, it was game over, and they got relegated first to everyday jeans, the ones you have when you don’t care how you look. Finally, I only used the Jeans at home, they were still the most comfortable jeans I had, but they would never make the cut when you had to look great.Before and After

Saving jeans after they faded was the premise that we, Anton and I Jockum, started 100B. A service to give your jeans a second lease on life. We use an industrial, environmentally friendly process to re-dye your black jeans to blacker than new.

Instead of using your jeans until they are spotty and grey, please give them a new lease on life so both you and your jeans can look your best.

To try it out:

  1. #get100B
  2. Pack your jeans and send them to us using the QR code.
  3. Wait for your

Don’t let your favorite Jeans stay at home any more. Stop worrying about whet Jeans are ok to wear to that important meeting. Give your favorite Jeans a new lease on life!